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Intermittent Problem with No Speaker Audio

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:18 pm    Post subject: Intermittent Problem with No Speaker Audio Reply with quote


I have nowhere else to turn to for help with this problem. I desperately need help with my magicjack, because I do tech support work from home and half the time I can't do my job because the magicjack doesn't work properly. I know there is something wrong with my computer and not the magicjack, because it works perfectly on my laptop.

Ok, so here's the problem:

About three or four months ago, I uninstalled the USB Internet Phone driver by Tigerjet in the device manager. This broke all my system sound on my computer. By this, I mean that some sounds worked, I could play music and such, but programs that used some codec or DLL file on my computer would not play. Internet explorer had no audio and other problems. Windows would not make a sound when I logged on. I tried innumerable fixes for this and finally I downloaded the K-Lite Codec Tweak pack and ran the automated fix for codecs and my sound was restored. I uninstalled the magicjack and reinstalled it. It worked normally.

Now, recently, I don't know what I did, but now I lose audio from the magicjack. When I call the other party or they call me, they can hear me, but I can't hear anything that they say. I don't hear the phone ringing, but when I pick up the telephone, I do hear a dial tone. I'm very skilled with computers, so I tried the obvious things of switching around default devices and trying different headphones and switching from telephone mode to my headset. Sometimes this will work and sometimes it won't. It truly does seem to have a mind of its own. The funny thing is though if I take the MJ and put it in my laptop, everything is fine.... but if I try it from my other machine (the one with this weird problem), I will not have audio... but it seems that if I leave it off a while or something, I have no idea, that the audio will come back. I've run the codec tweak tool... Once, I tried recreating the wavemapper registry key and that seemed to restore the audio, but I have since tried doing that again and it doesn't help me.

Just so you understand, there will be no audio whatsoever coming from my magicjack to my headphones or the MJ device., except the dial tone and the sound of dialing when I press the different numbers. After the call begins, I cannot hear ringing or anything from the other party. I tried different USB ports, everything possible to remedy this problem. I installed the DivX codec pack from the internet thinking maybe that would help after reading some of the other posts on here saying that's what they were told to do, but that didn't help me.

It seems like I will just try a bunch of stuff and restart my computer and then it will start working again. And then mysteriously, the problem with no incoming audio will happen again. It has nothing to do with ports, because I have DMZ set up on my router to my comp's IP and I have made sure that it is not a port problem. It is nothing like that... I am certain that this problem has something to do with codecs on my computer or some broken directhsow filter or something in Windows. It's so troubling, because all other audio works on my computer.. Skype works, nothing else is wrong... but the MJ just refuses to cooperate sometimes. This is costing me time, headaches, and money.

If someone has some advice, or something I can try, I would be infinitely grateful to you. I really can't reformat my operating system, that simply isn't an option... I was thinking about running a virtual OS of XP or something just to use the MJ, but that's just so much work to fix something that should be easy. I've tried MJREmover. I've tried Upgrade.exe. Sometimes these things help me and will restore the audio, but the problem never stays away.

Also, if I make a call and there is no audio, when I open up the volume mixer in the lower right of my screen from Windows, it doesn't show that any audio is coming from the magicjack application. This leads me to believe that there is a codec or driver problem, such that the magicjack outputs its audio, but the OS is not getting it.

Does anyone, ANYONE have any insight of possible steps I could take to resolve this extremely annoying problem?
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:18 pm    Post subject: Magicjack support, tips, tricks, and hacks

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