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Dan Should Pay Me

Joined: 23 May 2009
Posts: 673
Location: South FL

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 9:27 pm    Post subject:

Nailgunner, you right wing ideology unfortunately clouds your otherwise sharp judgment from time to time.
Obviously, somebody wanted to kick Dan's ass because he was upset about his dirty business practices only to find out that almost everything Dan does is legal. Now here he found a little loop hole which he used.
The SCC' decision is an absolute disaster. It effectively takes away the right to go to the court for anyone financially weak. Unlike a class action case , you will not find many good attorneys who would take a case on contingency in an individual law suit if the desired judgment is not in 6 digits. And even with all the money, who goes to court for let's say 100 bucks, especially if he has to face a big corporate attorney ? And the mandatory arbitration? A tasteless joke, considered who sits on the panels and the 98% success rate for the big corporate.
In spite of SCC's legislating from the bench( their decision effectively overturned a number of state laws once again ) I do not see long unemployment lines for the attorneys. Increasing number of them just thrive in the current right wing environment an the opportunities are growing together with their lobbying efforts. Sad
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MagicJack Sensei

Joined: 18 Mar 2010
Posts: 1548

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 2:49 am    Post subject:

I have no sharp judgement. Otherwise I would not have been in the position of getting excited over cheap phone service like MJ, and the now cheaper GVJack App.

I have no right-wing ideology. That accusation does however sound like the utterance from a left-wing ideologue who has to admit that the suit against MJ was silly, and has to justify it based on an "apparent" belief by the plaintiff that MJ was an evil company and deserved to be sued over something. For the record, I think both right and left wings, and their 2 major party vehicles, are broken beyond repair and dead from the head down. If I woke up one day and found that they both had shriveled up and blown away, I would be elated. My ideology is about 98% Libertarian.

If anything is a joke it is class action lawsuits, with this one being a prime example. I have received at least a dozen notices over the years that I was in an eligible class that was suing someone. Without exception, the only ones who benefited in the end were the attorneys, with in come cases very large fees, and the "injured" receiving basically nothing.

And the end result of all these lawsuits is what? 10 warnings on my ladder, including one not to use the back where there are no steps as a ladder. A warning on a bag of peanuts that they might have been processed with equipment that came in contact with nuts. And TOS agreements that have now expanded to the point where nobody reads them, until after the fact to look for a loophole so they can sue someone, because 98% of the time they did something stupid. It's to the point where no one knows what they are buying anymore because of the battles between attorneys to see how big they can make the agreements.

Gee, I don't want to use MJ's auto-renew, but since I forgot to renew, and they aren't giving me that number-parking time for free and I'm out $1.04, I'll sue. Take some personal responsibility and save the lawsuits for those that have something to actually sue about. If you have been "injured" that badly, you will find a way to sue. Out $100 and can't get it back? Suck it up, call it a life lesson and make sure others know what a rip-off the company is. MJ will eventually die of it's own weight if it treats it's customers badly. One doesn't need to clog up the courts because you THINK you have been screwed out of $1.04 and can get an attorney that bills at least $100 an hour to agree with you.
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